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Bitcoin smartphone ( mobile ) miner

Are you looking for a Bitcoin mobile miner that work on any mobile device and won’t drain your battery ? Look no more because we have one for you. I am talking about the StormGain Bitcoin Cloud Miner, a crypto trading platform that offers to their registered and verified clients a mobile and desktop miner that work for you while you sleep and uses no battery or data. The miner achieve this due to a new thing in the market named “cloud mining”.

To open a free account and get 3$ press the bellow button.

Cloud mining is a mechanism to mine crypto, such as Bitcoin, or Ethereum using cloud computing power and without the need to install or run any software or hardware in your device. This mechanism allows us, peoples without mining rigs to become a miners. Normally to rent cloud computer power you have to pay a fee and there are many companies out there selling this service BUT there is no fee with StormGain because with just opening a verified account with them you are allowed to use their cloud miner and earn money. To verify your account it is legally required, but it’s easy, just upload your Id and in a couple of hours the team will notify you if your account was approved or not.

To join StormGain and receive 3$ press the bellow button.

There is a catch tough, the miner speed that you get in a basic account is x0.5. On that speed you can make no more then 0.52$/day ( that is about 3.61$/week and 15.49$/month ). If you want to increase your speed and make more money with the miner you have to use the StormGain app to trade, the bigger your trades the more money you will make with the miner.

Another catch is that the miner is active for only 4 hours, after that it will pause and you will have to login again to activate the miner. But in my opinion that’s not a big effort considering that you only need 10 seconds to do that, to restart it and put it back to work.