Different way of making money online

Many people think, “I want to earn pocket money online ” and “I want more free money.” In this article, I will explain specific methods, tips, and precautions for those who want to earn pocket money online. Please refer to it.

  • How much money can you earn online?

There are many ways to make money online. Most of the people who actually make money online are about several thousand yen a month. Some people are not good at it, so read this article to find the way to make money that suits you.

  • Preparations for earning online

There are some things to prepare before earning pocket money online.

  • Create a free email address

In order to earn pocket money online, it is best to create a free email address. Free email address is a free email service provided by google, yahoo, etc. You can check your email anytime and anywhere if you have an internet environment.

  • Create a net bank account

Create a net bank account to receive the money you earn. If you have an internet environment, you can trade online at any time with online banking. Since there is no physical, store, transfer and withdrawal fees can be kept low.

  • 20 Ways to Make Money Online

We will explain the specific ways to earn pocket money online by difficulty level. Increasing the difficulty will increase the amount of money you can earn, but it may also increase the effort, risk, and specialized skills.

  • Beginner’s edition
  • Questionnaire site

It is a service that you can get points just by registering on the questionnaire site and answering the questionnaire on your smartphone etc. in your spare time. Points can be redeem for cash and anyone can easily get started.

  • Point site

The point site is a service where you can get points by registering as a member and applying for online shopping, opening an account, creating a credit card, etc. via that site. One of them is Google Opinion Rewards. You can take shorts surveys and get paid for it.

  • Sweepstakes site

If you apply for the sweepstakes site and win, you can get the product for free or cheaply. It’s not something you can exchange directly for cash, but it’s your chance to get what you want without spending money.

  • Game

It is a service that allows you to register as a member of a company that provides online games, play games, and exchange coins and items earned in the game for cash. Suitable for those who like games and want to make money while playing games.

  • Lead mail

It is a service where you can get rewards just by registering your e-mail address, clicking the URL or advertisement in the e-mail sent to you, and viewing the linked web page.

  • Self-affiliate

It is a service that you can get rewards just by registering for affiliate service and applying for the target product or service such as credit card or opening an account.

  • Photo sales

It is a service that you can earn by selling the photos you took by registering as a member on the site that sells photos. There is a review to sell a photo, but you do not have to do anything after it is post, so it is a perfect service for people who like taking photos. You can join Motion Elements for example

  • Intermediate
  • Product monitor

You can get rewards by registering as a member on the site that recruits product monitors, trying out products and services sent from companies, and answering questionnaires about their usability. Post-use surveys need to be honest and polite, but you can also receive rewards while using new products and services.

  • Data entry

It is a service that you can get a reward by receiving a request from a company etc. and inputting the data specified in Excel etc. on your behalf. It is a monotonous task, but you can do it without the need for relatively special knowledge or skills.

  • Transcription and transcription

It is a service where you can get rewards by typing recorded audio, video, and converting them into characters. In many cases, the unit price of compensation is higher than that of data entry, but it takes time and skill

  • WEB writer

You can get rewards by creating articles on web pages, writing on behalf of blogs, making e-books, and writing. It requires writing skills and imagination, so it is not suitable for everyone. But if you want to start join Fivver, the biggest marketplace for everyone and sell your services there.

  • Crowdsourcing

It is a service that you can get a reward by registering as a member on a site where you can solicit work requests on the Internet and delivering the products and services requested by the requester.

  • Design

You can earn money by selling original designs, characters, stamps, and illustrations. Recommended for those who are good at drawing and designing?

  • Sales of technology and knowledge

You can earn money by teaching others what you have experienced and the skills and expertise you have acquired. You can also get rewards on an hourly basis, such as how to use a computer and teach English. There are also service companies that act as intermediaries. Fivver is one of them.

  • Live chat

It is a service that you can get rewards by registering as a member of a company that provides live chat service and becoming a conversation partner for people who have troubles on the Internet or who want to hear the story.

  • Advanced edition
  • Affiliate

Register as a member of a company that provides affiliate services, and post advertisements for products and services introduced by that company on your web page or blog. For example you can promote Amazon or eBay

  • Sedori

It is a service that allows you to earn money by purchasing products cheaply from auction sites and overseas sites and selling them at high prices.

  • Google AdSense

This is a service where Google posts an advertisement that matches the content on a web page or blog that it manages, and if the person who accesses it clicks on the advertisement, a reward is obtain.

  • Information products

It is a way to earn money by selling your special or useful information to others on the Internet. If you have information that only you know, you can make money by publishing it on the web or holding lectures and seminars.

  • Investment, FX

It is not easy to increase money just by saving money in a bank, but you can make money by investing in stocks, FX, virtual currency, real estate, etc.

  • Precautions for earning pocket money online

Many services are available free of charge, but there are some points to keep in mind when making pocket money online.

Avoid registering with bad people

There are some vendors you can trust, but some are bad people who lose money when you register, so be careful when registering. When deciding what a bad person is, check to see if the following are true:

  • It costs money to register as a member
  • The point return rate is poor
  • The minimum amount of points to cash is high
  • The method of withdrawal is not clear
  • Only paid registration sites are introduced
  • Company information is not available be aware that sites that fall under the above items with a short period of clarity and achievements are likely to be bad actors.
  • Summary

There are various ways to earn money online, including survey sites, point sites, and advanced services. Such as affiliates and Sendori that require skills and knowledge. First, it is important to set goals, gather information, and take action. You may also need to be careful about bad people, malicious products, and tax returns.