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England is sinking and Scotland is rising above sea levels due to Isostatic Rebound

Due to a geological process called Isostatic Rebound England is sinking while Scotland rises above sea levels. Low-lying areas like London, Portsmouth or Peterborough could be flooded as early as this century but also other places are under threat like cities from Wales or Ireland.

Isostatic Rebound is the rise of land masses that were depressed by the huge weights of ice sheets but due to global warming glaciers melt and as a result the pressure they were putting on the tectonic plates disappears and this makes way for the land to rise. In Great Britain glaciation affected Scotland but not southern England and the post-glacial rebound of northern Great Britain, which is about 10 cm each century is causing a corresponding downward movement of the southern half of the island at a rate of 5 cm per century.

To make things worse all that melting ice is contributing to a rise in sea levels, all over the word peoples are feeling this and try to fight it with flooding protections but looks like for some places there is no escape and all this water levels are adding to the damage made by the Isostatic Rebound. Another factor believed to contribute to the sinking effect is the massive weight put over land by new buildings that were built in the last 70 years. The “concrete effect” is till to be studied but even without this one thing is sure, that by year 2100 many UK cities will be lost and never recovered.