Heinz ketchup ingredients list United States vs United Kingdom

There is a story going online, that the ingredients list used for Heinz Ketchup sauce is different in the United States of America compared with the United Kingdom. And it’s true, the story is not a lie and that’s why i gonna write this post, to show you some of the differences between them.

In the United States the food regulation is more permissive compared with the European Union ( which United Kingdom was part of ). Therefore food manufacturers from US are allowed to use a more variety of ingredients when they produce any food for sale. For example GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms ), they use this a lot but we are not gonna talk about this today, we just gonna keep it to the subject which is the ingredients used for making the Heinz Ketchup.

I am not gonna review all of the, i let you watch the above video to see the full list but i am gonna talk about 2 main differences that counts for me. In the United Kingdom they use 148g of tomatoes to get 100g of ketchup while in the Us they use tomato concentrate. I am not saying that is not good but i rather have my sauce made of real tomatoes instead of concentrate. Another thing i want to talk about is the sugar content, while in UK ( and Europe ) they use real sugar in USA they use High Fructose Corn Syrup about which i read some worrying articles. You can look for all these information for yourself in Google but from my point of view i would like that the products i use to have a short ingredient list, to keep it more close to the natural form instead of boosting the taste with some lab made ingredients.