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How to remove Wax off Apples? Today i learned

Every apple sold by grocery stores is coated with a wax layer to prevent them from degrading, from losing moisture and of course from make them shine and they do that because we, humans, we love to buy shinny things. The shinny the products are the more money we want to spend on them and everyone knows that and trust me, every producer ( i am talking here only about fruit producers ) in the world will do everything in his power to bring to you the best products they have, even if that means to improve them with an artificial method.

But now back to this petroleum based wax, the producers are saying that this one it is safe to eat because our digestive system cannot break it down, it’s just passing through out bodies but from my point of view is better to remove this petroleum based wax. I don’t want to eat something like this, either share it with mi kids.

If you are not against the wax, if you don’t believe that is not good to human consumption then you are free to eat the apples coated with it but if you want to remove it watch the below video and learn how to do it.

I know you might say that there are lots of ways of doing it but he boiling and the peeling method used in the video are among the safest and successful way to remove the wax but fell free to use any method you like and if you want to share that with us, well, leave a comment. Thanks