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LBRY, a decentralized alternative to YouTube / Ads free and Blockchain based

In the past few years a new video sharing platform came to light and is set to overcome Rumble, Daily Motion, and even Vevo and become the first real alternative to YouTube. What differentiate LBRY from others is his open source blockchain based platform, a new protocol which is a peer to peer, a decentralized file sharing and payment network secured by blockchain technology.

The main attraction for for users joining LBRY is the fact that, unlike YouTube this platform is ads free which means that your activity is not tracked in order to serve you ads. Another thing is that you may even earn cryptocurrency for viewing videos on LBRY. How is that possible ? Is because LBRY is “powered” by its own cryptocurrency called LBC (LBRY Credits). The platform pays you to watch content or to subscribe to authors, also to upload videos.

As a normal user you have a random reward between 0.25 LBC -100 LBS for watching anything on the platform, another way to get LBC is to watch content from your favourite channels, for example you get 1 LBC for seeing 20 videos at level one and then 2 LBC for level 2. Same if you subscribe to any channel, you get anything from 1 LBC for each 10 channels you subscribed at level 1 and the reward get bigger at the same time with your level.

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Then, as a creator, a publisher you start getting rewards from the very first video you upload ( about 0.49 LBC / view ) and the very first subscriber you get and this is fantastic news for small creators because you don’t need a minimum threshold to get money, like in the YouTube platform. And the best part is that you can mirror,sync your YouTube account with LBRY video platform which runs on Odysee website in just 2 steps, you just have to grant LBRY permission to connect to YouTube channel and the software will copy all YouTube videos from your YT channel to your Odysee channel. And you have no reason to be worried about this because this process will not disturb or affect your YouTube channel in any way. It is completely safe and you start making money from the first day, well not Fiat money but crypto money wich later you can convert to any fiat currency.

Today’s ( 27/02/2021 ) the value of 1 LBRY is 0.16 $, not too much now but the same LBRY was 0.02 $ in February 2019 and the price prediction for this is 2$ by 2025. I know is not much but remember, also Bitcoin had this value 11 years ago and now sky rocketed, this can happen with LBRY as well but the good part is that LBRY is easy to get now, because they just started and is FREE as a user on Odysee.


And like any other crypto, you can buy it, sell it for cash, receive it from other users or mine it. Or just keep it in your wallet until the day it will worth more money. So jump on board now before is too late because the more you wait the harder will be to get it. Don’t miss this train too.