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Scala, the mobile crypto mining app for Android devices

Mobile crypto mining is still a dream for a lot of peoples, specially now after both Google Store and Apple Store removed all the mining apps in 2018. They did that because back then all of those apps were a danger for mobile devices on the market, the danger being battery and CPU overheating but since then the mobile phones have evolved, they have a lot more power to help with the mining process and better safety measures to prevent overheating. But, yet to date Google and Apple did not allowed anyone to upload a mining app to their stores and this causes frustration among those people willing to use their smartphones for crypto mining.

And this is where Scala comes to life. Scala is a new cryptocurrency, is not worth a lot of money and many peoples did not heard about it YET but they will because Scala team did came out with something new, a lightweight mobile app that allows you to mine on your mobile phone. And this feature will boost Scala mainly because of the demand for mobile miner apps.

The app works only on the latest Android devices and uses Panthera algorithm,which is a customized hybrid algorithm combining RandomX, Kangaroo12 and Yespower and, most importantly was optimized to fit more energy-efficient CPU and ARM architectures.

One of the most important feature is the machine learning algorithm called AMAYC (As-Much-As-You-Can) which prevents your mobile CPU and battery from overheating. So nothing to worry about because when your device is overheating the algorithm will pause the mining until the temperature drops back to safe levels.

Download the APK

IMPORTANT INFO Once you open the link find ASSETS folder, open and there is the .apk ( see below picture )