The best cryptocurrencies exchange to invest today.

There are many virtual currency (crypto asset) exchanges. However, which one has the best commission…?

  • Which is a secure cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange?

Certainly, there are many virtual currency (crypto asset) exchanges, and the ones recommended for each site are different, so it is confusing.

First, I will tell you the important points.

When choosing a cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange, it is most important to choose a cryptocurrency exchange that suits your “investment level” and “method / style”. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the recommended ranking of virtual currency (cryptographic assets) transactions by “investment level “, “method / style “, ” popularity “, and “brand “! In addition to the recommended rankings, we also provide complete explanation of expertise on how to trade, such as how to select an exchange, how to start trading, and how to select a brand.

If you read this article, even you with no knowledge can start trading cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) from today!

  • Top 6 recommended rankings of domestic virtual currency (cryptographic assets) and Bitcoin exchanges

Let us immediately consider which cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange is right for you.

The virtual currency (crypto asset) exchange introduced this time has a proven record of accomplishment and has the highest number of users, so you can start trading with confidence.

Carefully selected! Domestic virtual currency (cryptographic asset) exchange recommended ranking

  1. Coin check | the strongest exchange based on fees and number of issues
  2. DMM Bitcoin | required for those who engage in leverage trading
  3. Bit Flyer | the Royal Road Cryptocurrency Exchange
  4. BIT Point | the trading volume of the three major altcoins
  5. TAOTAO | Campaign with the lowest transaction fees in the industry
  6. GMO Coin | Transaction fees are the lowest in the industry
  7. Cryptocurrency exchange recommended ranking No. 1 Coin check

Coin check is a recommended exchange for all cryptocurrency investors, from beginners to intermediate investors!

Coin check is not only No. 1 with 13 types of brands, but also boasts a large number of users, and Bitcoin transaction fees are free.

It is an exchange that can be recommended for anyone considering virtual currency trading, such as having a smartphone app that is easy to use even for beginners.

  • Characteristics of Coin check
  • Reliable security for Money Group management
  • You can make full-scale transactions with just one smartphone
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Cryptocurrency (cryptographic assets) exchange recommended ranking 2nd place DMM Bitcoin (DMM Bitcoin)

DMM Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchange that is indispensable for beginners and those who engage in advantage trading.

DMM Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in leveraged trading.

DMM Bitcoin has released an app like other cryptocurrency (crypto asset) exchanges, and it is talked about that the chart function used for advantage trading is excellent.

For example, it also supports functions such as “one-touch ordering” that allows you to purchase from the chart of the smartphone app with one touch, and customize the chart screen to a 4-split chart.

In addition, DMM Bitcoin has many great deals that can be applied even if the deposit is small.

Currently, it is a big attraction that you can receive cash back when opening an account.

If you want to start advantage trading at low cost, DMM Bitcoin is the most recommended.

  • Characteristics of DMM Bitcoin
  • The ease of use of leveraged trading is outstanding
  • The parent is a top-class DMM group in the Internet financial industry
  • Frequently launch great deals
  • The lowest transaction fee in the industry
  • You can trade from the shortest “same day”
  • Cryptocurrency exchange recommended ranking 3rd place bit Flyer

Bit Flyer is the royal road cryptocurrency exchange with the largest domestic Bitcoin trading volume.

The only merit of bit Flyer is that it has a large number of users.

Compared to other exchanges, the number of users is large, the market price of virtual currencies is stable, and sudden extreme market price changes can be avoided.

Therefore, even beginners can trade virtual currencies with confidence.

In addition, bit Flyer is also developing advanced services.

For example, if you go shopping or travel via bit Flyer, there is a service that says, “You can get bitcoins for free”, and you can use bit Flyer as if you were on a point site.

  • Characteristics of bit Flyer
  • Overwhelmingly popular among cryptocurrency exchanges
  • The market is stable due to the large number of users
  • Get free Bitcoin when you shop
  • Cryptocurrency exchange recommended ranking 4th place BIT Point

BIT Point is the “No. 1”

With Bit Point, the transaction volume of “Ethereal”, “Lite coin” and “Bitcoin Cash” is the largest

You can enjoy trading virtual currencies while keeping costs to a minimum!

  • Characteristics of BIT Point
  • Free transaction fees for all currencies!
  • The ease of use of the smartphone app “BITPONT” ​​is outstanding!
  • Cryptocurrency exchange recommended ranking 5th TAOTAO

TAOTAO is an emerging cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017 and has received a lot of attention since its inception.

The smartphone app is easy to see and easy to handle, and it seems to be popular with beginners.

As it is a new virtual exchange, we have launched many attractive campaigns with the lowest transaction fees in the industry to acquire users.

TAOTAO still has a small number of campaigns compared to the top exchanges, but if you register while watching the status of the campaign, you will be able to start cryptocurrency trading at a better price than other companies do.

  • Characteristics of TAOTAO
  • All transaction fees are free
  • Only “net bank” can be registered
  • There are many innovative profitable campaigns
  • Cryptocurrency exchange recommended ranking 6th place GMO coin

GMO Coin is a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency store.

GMO Coin is a virtual currency exchange funded by the leading group “GMO Coin “along with DMM Bitcoin in the Internet financial industry such as GMO Click Securities.

Therefore, GMO Coin has a reputation for being the easiest to handle for those who have made Internet financial transactions with services related to the GMO Group. It is a recommended virtual currency exchange for those who have traded in the GMO group and those who want to trade at low cost.

  • GMO coin features
  • Free transaction fees
  • Specializes in physical trading
  • Recommended for those who have traded in GMO Group related businesses such as GMO Click Securities
  • How to choose a virtual currency / Bitcoin exchange Three points you do not know unexpectedly

Here, we will explain the points that you should pay particular attention to when choosing an exchange.

  • How to choose a virtual currency exchange
  • Choose by security
  • Choose by commission
  • Choose by trading method