Top 10 Highest paid Instagram female Influencers

Some ladies ( most of them celebrities or models ) make a lot of money just by sharing a post on their Instagram profiles. They promote everything from fashion products to food or drinks and some of them they made a full job out of this hobby.

That’s why we made a video with a top 10 with the most paid Instagram women’s so you can see the enormous amount of money they make. And if those from the top ask more than 50k for a video don’t think for a second that a influencer with 100.000 followers doesn’t makes money. They do enough to make a living out of it.

So, you saw the video. Now tell me what do you think? Are you motivated enough to launch your own Instagram profile and make some money? If you are i can assure you that is not so easy, you have to use your brain in a smart way to attract followers and then advertisers but with 5% luck and 95% work i am sure that you can succeed.

And now, at the end i really hope that you enjoyed our video and don’t forget to follow us, Brain Booster on YouTube.