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What energy drinks do to your body ? The story of Austin, the man without a skull.

Today’s story is about energy drinks and what they do to your body but also about Austin, a Californian man who lost part of his skull due to obsessive energy drinks consumption.

As we know, from previous scientist advice, drinking too much energy drinks can have a negative effect over your body, first of all because of all that caffeine that they make you ingest and as we know, caffeine has a diuretic effect which means it increase the amount of salt and water that your body release via urine. In extreme cases this can lead to dehydration. Also it is though that the rise in energy drinks consumption is linked to a rise in arrhythmia, an abnormal heart rhythm which can increase the risk of stroke five-fold.

And by the way, this is what happened to Austin. After work went to bed, fall asleep but never wake up to be himself again. Apparently had a brain haemorrhage, at least this is what doctors concluded moments after running his toxic screen and ruling out drugs or other substances. They said to the family that this horrible event was due to his recent excessive energy drink consumption, specially due to high amounts of caffeine found in his body.

Credit: Endres Photography

After multiple surgeries Austin was left with part of his skull missing, but more important is that he will never be the same because now important parts of his brain functions are missing. Luckily for Austin his wife, Brianna still share the same amount of love for him as before this event and sticks by his side to help him, they’re still a family.

Another danger that energy drinks pose for humans is that most of them are sugar free, the natural sugar is replaced by sweeteners ( like sucralose ) and when your “tongue sensors” feel sweet they trigger a signal for your brain to release insulin. When that insulin is out but founds no sugar in your system is when the problems occurs. That excess insulin stays there, in your cells without any sugar to metabolise and your body, over time can develop a disease named Insulin Resistance which is a very nasty one, hard to treat and with long lasting consequences.

So the advice is this one, avoid as much as possible drinking energy drinks but if you cannot help it at least drink those that contain natural sugar instead of sweeteners .